DUCK is not a registered charity, therefore it does not have a charity number. We act as a charities committee, raising funds for existing charities in the UK and across the globe. DUCK is the Fundraising arm of Durham Students' Union and fall under their governance, providing the students with an array of diverse fundraising events to get involved with. Although incorporating the name of Durham University, DUCK is an independent body which represents the collective fundraising efforts of students and staff in the institution. 

Monies raised through DUCK for particular charities are sent directly to them via Durham Stuents' Union's finance department. Monies raised for the DUCK allocations fund are divided at the end of the year and given as grants to various charities who have applied for our support through our applications process. These charities are all in line with our Giving Strategy.

When running events we incur a general administration cost or we use part of the fundraising costs to cover the general running costs of the event. We endeavor to keep these as low as possible.